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Tips and ideas

In most cases, you can do a lot yourself to make your logistics faster, better and cheaper. Another carrier wouldn’t say that as fast as we do, but we just like to think right along with you. We believe that these tips will contribute to a better, long-lasting relationship, which we are glad to invest in.

Frank Kersten
Sales manager
De Klok Logistics



"Two for the price of one, the second completely free, free with the next purchase." But is it really free? That's also how it goes with those invisible included costs for picking up your cargo. Doesn't De Klok Logistics has to write off its fleet of vehicles? Do the drivers work for free? Or is the fuel reimbursed with FreeBees points or Air Miles? Those who think know better, free doesn't exist at all. It comes from the length or the width. But how can you use this knowledge to your advantage?

Pick-up costs are a major expense for your carrier, which also determines the rates you have to pay. Many clients believe that these services are free (included), but these tariffs are just included in the calculation. Discuss the pick-up costs with your carrier and ask them to make them transparent or charge them separately, so you can discover if these 'bare' rates are still so favourable. How this works in your favour, is easy to explain: by reducing these costs, you do not only save a large amount of money, but also opt for a lower environmental impact. And that's good news for everyone.

Pieta Bekers
HR Manager
De Klok Logistics



As a carrier, you are the extension of your customer. Of course, the freight has to be delivered on time and in a good shape at the right spot, but in addition, our drivers also fulfil another important role. They aren't only OUR business card, but also that of our clientele. The receiver of the goods often never meets the supplier itself, but only the driver that arrives to drop off the cargo.

A representative appearance, friendly attitude and professional approach are key to this matter. "Friendly expertise" is thus our core value at De Klok, it's something we pay a lot of attention to when we're hiring new staff members. A carrier can be really efficient, but if the driver is cocky or carelessly handles the goods, your reputation will be damaged.

Vice versa, a driver who's friendly and professional will be a valuable contribution to the reputation for both the company we work for as our own as well. The knife cuts both ways because "what goes around, comes around". With their friendly expertise, our employees also are more appreciated for the work they do. That motivates and contributes in turn to job satisfaction.

A place where professionalism and friendliness are essential, a place where you'd like continue working. As HR manager, I'm proud of the fact that our employee emigration rate at De Klok is well below the average of the industry. I am convinced that is due to the qualitative standards and great attitude of our employees.